Sunday, August 11, 2013

Black Love Quotes for Her

love quotes for her

Sometimes relationships can be very difficult believe me I've been in several of them. Arguments are one of those parts in a relationship that affects the outcome when it should not. Learning to control your emotions is a skill that needs to be redefined before pursuing a relationship with someone. You are going to jump into a couple of relationships before you've actually made a choice. My advice for you is to learn from each person and challenge yourself to gradually become a better person for the future because you endure more. I found love many times, I expressed love as well, but I also used my own words to reflect that. Whenever I got the chance I expressed my deepest desires for that special lady by writing love quotes for her, I know it's cheesy but it worked because she knew I cared. Here are a few of them.........

"We may fight, and say hurtful things, but our hearts are in the right place, that is why I give you this ring."

"I love you baby, it's like a tune that plays in my head, a melody that continues in my heart, a fever that I'll never get over, and a dream I wish to never depart, that is what you are."

"Your body caught my eyes, yes, your love is a work of art, your actions kept me trapped, baby, you have truly caught my heart."

"The presence of your love is so sweet and caring for someone to have, it forces me to be patient, it drives me to change, it empowers me to use my heart instead of my brain, you are my sanity."

"There is no profit to gain out of a relationship but love, and love is what you've given me."

"The pleasures of your love is truly my pleasure to return it, only for you to give it back to me so I can feel it once again, you are divine."

"A moment with you in my arms is worth all 8 hours spent on any man's job, worth any dollar spent, worth risking my own heart, you are my lifeline, you are my destiny."

"Many are inspired to wake up in the morning and see another day, but I inspire to see your eyes, to see your lips, to touch your hands, to caress your hips, the love you given me has inspired me to live for you."

"A king is not a king without his queen, like a mason is not a mason without his hammer. You are the foundation I built my kingdom upon, the only reason I am king."

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